Esteem Group perpetually seeks qualified and industrious candidates in various fields. Please email us at and we will get back to you.

At Esteem, we have a culture where the employees become part of the Esteem family. Employees who have joined esteem at junior levels have gone to take up senior positions and continued their career path with Esteem and have shown a fierce loyalty towards the management and the company due to the company culture. We recommend and prefer candidates who are only looking at a long term career and growth path with Esteem to apply for our various positions.



Position – CRM Executive

Experience – 2 + years of working in the CRM division.

Key Points – should have good communication skills and be proficient in maintaining charts, and following up on payments. 

Basic Responsibilities

  • Meet and greet clients and visitors.
  • Prepare agreements of sale, sale deeds, allotments letter, demand letters, thank you letters, etc. 
  • Interact with clients regarding pending payments. 
  • Handle complete after sales service such as preparation of agreement of sale, sale deeds, demand letters, payments receipts, etc.
  • Coordinate with client regarding customizations and coordinate with engineering team regarding feasibility and cost. 
  • Take clients on site visits whenever necessary and explain to them the project in detail. 
  • Take part in CRM, marketing and sales review meetings. 
  • Update sales charts, payments and give weekly review to management. 
  • Handle all bank queries, coordinate with banks for approval of projects and get sanction letters. 
  • Support staff in assigned project based work
  • Other duties as assigned





Position – Marketing & Branding Executive

Experience – 4 + years in the real estate industry

Basic Responsibilities - 

  • Prepare marketing reports by collecting, analysing, and summarizing sales data such as number of leads per week, number of site visits per week, no of sales converted per week,etc. 
  • Supports sales staff by providing sales data, market trends, back office help, coordination. 
  • Researches competitive products by identifying other projects close by, analysing their pricing, product and location and maintaining research databases.
  • set out a marketing strategy and budget at the start of every quarter, 
  • determine the amount to be spent on each medium and return on investments from marketing activities
  • Help setup marketing collaterals, designs, etc and keep up the brand image of the company. 
  • Study marketing & consumer trends and 
  • Help convert leads to site visits and coordinate with the sales team. 
  • Help out in administrative functions as requested. 




Position – Sales Executive / Real Estate marketing and sales executive - South Bangalore 

Experience – 2 + years in the real estate industry

Basic responsibilities 

  • Meet and greet clients and visitors.
  • Closing of potential leads and converting them into sales. 
  • Prepare marketing and sales reports by collecting, analysing, and summarizing sales data such as number of leads per week, number of site visits per week, no of sales converted per week,etc. 
  • Meet and develop a relationship with new channel partners and get conversions from them. 
  • Send mails to potential clients, interact with them for queries, and convince them regarding projects. 
  • Research competitive products by identifying other projects close by, analysing their pricing, product and location and maintaining research databases.
  • Take part in CRM, marketing and sales review meetings. 
  • Take part in exhibitions, sales forums, and other events representing the brand and meeting potential clients. 
  • Prepare and give presentations and sales information to clients. 
  • Ensure network, customer facilitation, VIP visits, and Project coordination when required
  • Perform all other administrative duties as required on a need basis. 


Position – Mall Building Manager 

Experience – 7 + years in the commercial/mall management of buildings 

Basic responsibilities 

  • Meeting potential lessors.
  • Taking part in safety briefings and well being of public 
  • Presenting the properties to prospective clients. 
  • Promoting and advertising the available properties. 
  • Negotiating and closing deals on the leasing terms and conditions.
  • Collection of rentals from stores
  • Managing of day to day facility management
  • Negotiations with vendors on mall servicing
  • Management of Mall services 
  • Coordination with technical team on running of the services 
  • Answering all the queries via phone, messages, and emails.


Position – Documentation executive

Experience – 7 + years in government coordination works 

Basic responsibilities 

  • Should have basic knowledge of the local laws
  • · Should be able to read all legal documents
  •  Local language knowledge is a must
  • · Procurement of Encumbrance Certificates
  •   Municipal/Local Authority Tax Payment
  •  Generating a Tax Application number
  •   Coordination with police authorities for various works  
  • Coordination with local authorities for sanction
  •  Coordination with local authorities for phodi, survey, government survey, conversion, change of land use, etc
  • Filing of documentation and coordination with lawyers for case filing
  • Other Government Liaising Works


Position – Manager – Accounts and Finance, Real estate 

Experience – 7 + years in managing real estate companies accounts

Basic responsibilities 

  • Should be a leader 
  • Filing of accounts for companies, partnership firms, proprietorships , HUF’s etc
  • Should have thorough knowledge of laws in regards to filing of accounts, TDS, GST, etc.
  • Should be well versed with handling of real estate transactions \
  • Coordination with auditors in finalziing of accounts 
  • Monthly reconciliation of GST.
  • RERA filing 
  • Raising of GST invoices
  • To prepare replies for tax queries 
  • Coordination with GST consultants regarding calculations and payments
  • To guide in obtaining approval & registration under various tax regulatory.
  • To guide preparation of timely and proper details for GST Audit .
  • To ensure minimum statutory audits queries & irregularities pointed by internal audit Assisting and guiding in calculation of tax payable, & GST, TDS.
  • Liaise with tax consultants and advisors for tax optimization purposes

Position – Site Engineer 

Experience - 6 + years on site engineering experiece 

  • To be at site and coordinate all construction activities with the contractors and sub-contractors. 
  • To be knowledgable and able to monitor all finishing works such as plastering, masonry, tiling, joinery, etc. 
  • To coordinate site meetings with the architect, consultants and other required people. 
  • To organize and run the project from start to finish. 
  • To make sure the quantities being followed are as per BOQ and there is no additional unnecessary wastage in the project. 
  • To take part in bill checking and certification of contractors bills. 
  • To strictly monitor contractors and other vendors in the project.
  • Real estate experience working for a developer/contractor in residential buildings is a must. 

Position - Digital Marketing Executive 

Experience - 4 + years in digital marketing and strategy 


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